Thursday 28 February 2013

Best of the Bunch February 2013

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It is also a blog hop for bloggers to showcase their pick of "Best of the Bunch". I always put up my post on the last day of the month, but remember, you can add your link anytime in the following month- please join in, I love hearing about which books you thought were the most amazing!

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February 2013
This month I have reviewed on the blog-

  • Blood Moon by Alyxandra Harvey My review 3.5 of 5 stars
  • Frostfire by Zoe Marriott My review 5 of 5 stars
  • Quicksilver by R.J Anderson My review 4.5 of 5 stars
  • This is Not A Test by Courtney Summers My review 4 of 5 stars
  • The Breakaway by Michelle Davidson Argyle My review 4 of 5 stars
  • Pieces by Michelle Davidson Argyle Review still to post 4 of 5 stars
  • Mystic City by Theo Lawrence Review still to post 5 of 5 stars
and the winner of Best of the Bunch February 2013 is...


... Mystic City by Theo Lawrence!

My review of the book was supposed to go up on Monday, but I'm still not happy with it and I'm way to exhausted to attempt to edit it! But look out for a full review here soon because I have to say- I loved this book! It's got the full package- magic and mystique, a wonderful Romeo and Juliet style love story, a thrilling storyline, danger, and a mystery to unravel.

For fans of Matched, The Hunger Games, X-Men, and Blade Runner comes a tale of a magical city divided, a political rebellion ignited, and a love that was meant to last forever. Book One of the Mystic City Novels.

Aria Rose, youngest scion of one of Mystic City's two ruling rival families, finds herself betrothed to Thomas Foster, the son of her parents' sworn enemies. The union of the two will end the generations-long political feud—and unite all those living in the Aeries, the privileged upper reaches of the city, against the banished mystics who dwell below in the Depths. But Aria doesn't remember falling in love with Thomas; in fact, she wakes one day with huge gaps in her memory. And she can't conceive why her parents would have agreed to unite with the Fosters in the first place. Only when Aria meets Hunter, a gorgeous rebel mystic from the Depths, does she start to have glimmers of recollection—and to understand that he holds the key to unlocking her past. The choices she makes can save or doom the city—including herself. 


I love getting new book recommendations so if you have written up a monthly wrap-up post please link it up here and let us which book you read/ reviewed this February was your favourite!

Who gets your bananas?


  1. Mostly I've heard not so great things about Mystic City but I've been wanting to read it for a while now so I'm glad someone actually says something positive about it! :D

  2. So glad you liked Mystic City - i have to admit it's not appealed to me since I find the cover a little dull, but maybe I should give it a second look! :-)

  3. Ooh it's good to hear that Mystic City was your BOTB for this friend's in the middle of reading this at the moment, and she loves it, and I thought it looked quite good but I wasn't sure if I really wanted to read it...but now I think perhaps I'll have to get it out of the library once she's finished with it! :D

  4. Yay! Glad to hear you enjoyed Mystic City! I picked up a copy after Christmas and it's waiting to be read. I'll have to bump it up my TBR pile :)

  5. I really liked Mystic City too! Good to see you liked it as well! :)

  6. I loved, loved, LOVED Mystic City and thought the world building was lovely, the whole city came alive in my head like 3-d image. I also loved This is Not A Test.

  7. Mystic City was probably my meh review of the month (although I read it last year and forgot all about it). Seems to be a bit of a marmite book.

  8. I am SOOOOO glad you loved Mystic City! I was surprised by how much I adored it. OHMYGAWSH. I need the sequel NOW.

  9. Everyone who has read Mystic City really seems to like it! I had better add it to my TBR list! You had a great reading month! Have a great one in March!


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