Monday 18 April 2011

Review: Angel by James Patterson

Maximum Ride: AngelMaximum Ride: Angel by James Patterson

My rating: 3.5 stars

Max is back! I had missed her snarky sarcastic voice. Book 7 in the Maximum Ride series launches us straight back into the action where Fang left off. This is one of the better books in the series, and I really enjoyed this. These books have been a bit hit and miss sometimes (book four The Final Warning was particularly bad), but this one gets my approval, and I'm glad I stuck with the series. This is maybe because there is a little romantic intrigue in this book which I especially love, as well as the whole cast of funny tough characters that we already know and love. Iggy still comes out with his one-liners, Gasman is still obsessed with explosives, Nudge is still brilliant with computers, a real girly geek, and cute innocent-looking little Angel still reads minds and tries to manipulate everyone around her. We are also introduced to a host of interesting new characters in this book.

Max is great as the main character- she is tough and snide and but also sweet and vulnerable with a determination to look after her little family the best she can. Half of the chapters are from Max's first person point of view, and I love hearing her sarcastic witty thoughts. The other chapters follow Fang and his new life trying to make it on his own.

The rest of the gang are still trying to save the world and coming up against all kinds of crazy environmental groups and evil corporations, but (as Max would say) hey, nothing can faze you when you're a genetically modified kid with wings, and an escaped scientific experiment, right? In this book Max and Fang have gone their separate ways, with Fang forming his own gang of teenagers with special powers, but the two groups will have to work together when a new power The Doomsday Group appear to be hypnotising everyone into docile obedient followers. Facing Fang again is hard for Max when he seems to have already moved on to Maya, and Max is also trying to work out her complicated feelings for Dylan.

So this book has got plenty of humour, action, adventure, teenage love, jealousy, oh and a talking dog. Also sacrifice- be prepared for a tear-jerker ending.

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