Friday 6 April 2012

Unblogged Favourites, Part four

I noticed as I was compiling my Review Archive a few weeks ago that there are many of my absolutely favourite books that I have never talked about on my blog. I have only been blogging for a little over a year, but I have been a prolific reader all my life, and there are certain books and series that I have loved, and still think about and re-read, books that I will always enthuse about to my friends (or even strangers) in a bookshop, books that will have a permanent place on my bookshelves and in my heart- but they have never before had representation on my blog. I want to mend that now by talking about some of these amazing books.

Stolen by Lucy Christopher

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


This is a letter written in the past tense written by 16 year old Gemma to her kidnapper Ty. Throughout the book these are the only two characters but it's still absolutely gripping. I think I pretty much read this in one sitting because I couldn't put it down. Terrifying and moving at the same time. I read this years ago and yet this story is imprinted on my brain. I've since re-read it many times. 
I think it's a little scarily stockholm syndrome of me- but many many times, I finish a long day of work on my feet all day, after dealing with rude people, sitting in traffic jams getting angry at rude dangerous drivers that cut me up, back home to a pile of bills that I can't afford to pay, and I think "I could go and live in the desert with Ty- no other people- no obligations- just sitting reading and playing cards, feeding the chickens every morning. That sounds pretty good". 

A Gathering Light by Jennifer Donnelly

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I just LOVE this book. Switching between two different time zones to solve a mystery, this is so beautiful and completely compelling. I adored Mattie the main character, and couldn't stand Royal, who wanted to marry her. Harsh in places but this just makes the story even more moving- just amazing. 
In some parts of the world this book is titled A Northern Light

The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


This book is so incredibly powerful. Set in Germany during the Second World War and narrated by Death himself, it tells the story of young girl Liesel, who takes any book she can get her hands on. It also focuses on the rest of the neighbourhood, giving the story a powerful scope of interesting characters. I sobbed my heart out at this book. Tragic and sad, but a definite must-read for anyone. 

More of my favourite books next week!

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  1. Stolen is one of my favourite books EVER and I've been told time and time again that I need to read The Book Thief.

  2. These look good. I have read Donnelly before..i think? Lol! Going to ck it out. Love this meme

  3. I loved a Gathering Light, such a fantastic book!!


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