Tuesday 4 December 2012

Bookish gifts for book lovers

So, I keep looking online for inspiration for gift ideas for my family- but unfortunately I keep seeing things that I really want instead!

I'm not on commission for anything here- but I just think these things are really cool, and I wanted to share them.

I absolutely love this book scarf I found on Etsy. It's quite pricey for a scarf, but I think it looks so original and quirky- and gives a new meaning to the phrase "wrapped up in a good book"!
This one has printed on it the proposal letter from Captain Wentworth from my favourite Jane Austen book, Persuasion.

Buy here

Spineless Classics produce these utterly amazing posters- that have the WHOLE TEXT of the book on them. I love so many of them- just incredible. 
This one is Alice in Wonderland

Buy here

Buy here
Buy here

There are so many absolutely gorgeous book necklaces online- it was hard to narrow it down to which ones to feature!

Check out this mug! *sings* "I like big BOOKS and I cannot lie...!

Buy here

Book charms. I love these book charms. This seller can custom order any book you want. I just bought myself the entire Harry Potter series on a necklace. I also have a plastic book charm of Inkheart on my keyring.

Buy here

And of course, lets not forget the book marks...

Elegant- Buy here              Leather Steampunk- Buy here
Harry Potter- Buy here      Zombie hands!- Buy here

And okay- I know it's Harry Potter themed (again!), but I love these Order of the Phoenix room of requirement book ends. Buy here

Or what about these very original ones?

The End- Buy here
Cute tea party- Buy here
Horror- Buy here
I'm going to leave it there but I could keep going on all night gushing over some of the bookish stuff I've found in the past couple of weeks. Have I given you some ideas for new things to pine over? Sorry about that!


  1. I've been in love with that scarf for months! <3 But yeah, it's quite expensive. I'm STILL thinking about ordering one, though. :)

  2. OMG! I want the scarf and the book-on-one-page poster, how awesome! Thanks for this lovely list of gift ideas:-)

  3. I exclaimed over just about everything there! Have a few new things on my Christmas list now!

  4. These are awesome gifts! What a great idea!! Thanks for sharing these.


  5. Love the scarf and those book charms! I think I might have to direct a few friends over here for some gifting ideas. xD


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