Wednesday 28 March 2012

Review: Goddess Interrupted by Aimee Carter

Goddess Interrupted by Aimee Carter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Source: E-galley for review

Synopsis from Goodreads:
Kate Winters has won immortality. 
But if she wants a life in the Underworld with Henry, she’ll have to fight for it. 
Becoming immortal wasn’t supposed to be the easy part. Though Kate is about to be crowned Queen of the Underworld, she’s as isolated as ever. And despite her growing love for Henry, ruler of the Underworld, he’s becoming ever more distant and secretive. Then, in the midst of Kate’s coronation, Henry is abducted by the only being powerful enough to kill him: the King of the Titans. 

As the other gods prepare for a war that could end them all, it is up to Kate to save Henry from the depths of Tartarus. But in order to navigate the endless caverns of the Underworld, Kate must enlist the help of the one person who is the greatest threat to her future. 

Henry’s first wife, Persephone.

Book 2 in the Goddess series *May be a little spoilery if you haven't read the first book!*

I finished this book a couple of weeks ago and yet it is still swirling around in my head. I think it is a good sign when a story has got under my skin, and the characters are living on in my imagination after I finished turning the pages.

This series gives a completely original twist on the myth of Hades and Persephone- with Hades (now called Henry) ruling the underworld still, and ordinary Kate, after passing the tests and now Henry's wife returning from her 6 months away to take her place by his side as his queen. Kate is expecting a warm welcome from him, however, with Henry hardly ever there, and so detached when he is there, Kate begins to wonder if she made the right choice.

I loved how well written the emotionally charged scenes are. This book made me cry so many times, as during Kate's darkest moments I felt right there with her, and just hoping everything would work out okay in the end for her. She is desperate for Henry to love her back and give her at least some sign of affection. But his experiences in the past have made Henry reluctant to give his heart away completely, and he is suspicious of Kate's friendship with James. I found the book to be so frustrating in places, because Henry and Kate are both so insecure- which in Henry's case makes him cold and aloof, and in Kate's case a little whiny and clingy. I wanted to bash their heads together a few times and make them see sense!

Everything is thrown further into chaos when a betrayal by one of their own unleashes the ever present danger of the only power that can harm the immortal gods- a Titan. Admist the dangers of a war Kate has to ask for help from the only person who may be able to save them- Henry's ex-wife Persephone. Henry has never got over her, and Kate has to go through the pain of watching Henry and Persephone slip back into their old comfortable friendship again.

Despite Kate's insecurities I still thought she was a strong determined and brave character, and I couldn't help but admire her, and feel for the heartbreak and the choices she has to make. I think she is understandably justifiably jealous of the past bond between Henry and Persephone, especially when evidence of their past is all around her in Persephone's decorating choices. And the introduction of Persephone was a genius move, in this roller-coaster novel of laughs, tears, action and romance. I liked Henry as a character as well, a very swoon-worthy crush.

The verdict- This book is romantic, emotional, dramatic, dangerous, exciting, (slightly corny) and I loved it! Goddess Interrupted swept me off into another world for a short time, and it is different enough from the bulk of YA fiction out there to make it fresh and unique. In my opinion this book is better than the first one and I can't wait for the next one!

Thanks to Harlequin publishers and Netgalley for the review copy.

Rest of the series:

Book 1- The Goddess Test
Book 3- The Goddess Inheritance (Out soon)


  1. I also loved this book! I liked The Goddess Test, but I loved this one! The only thing was that I was so pissed at the cliffhanger ending! Aimee Carter is really, REALLY cruel to end it the way she did! lol Great review!

    Karis @YA Litwit

  2. I've read a lot of reviews that said Kate was weak in this one and Henry was spineless. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I know it is very subjective as to who likes what and I'm glad to see a differing opinion. I haven't started the series so I'm waiting to see what everyone thinks.


  3. I loved this one - I couldnt get Hades out of my head for days <3
    Cannot wait for the next book after THAT ending


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