Wednesday 28 December 2011

Wrap-up of reading challenges 2011

At the start of 2011 I entered 5 reading challenges hosted by bloggers. How did I do completing them?

Challenge 1
The Vampire Challenge hosted by Parajunkee

To read 20 books with a vampire as the main character.

At the start of the year I thought I'd have no problem at all completing this challenge. I really wanted to read the Morganville Vampires series and the Blue Bloods series. I have to confess that I STILL really want to read these series and I STILL haven't read them! Maybe 2012 will be the year!

Final total:
7/20     FAIL!

I read several books which had a vampire character in- but only books where a vampire was a main character could count toward this challenge. Whoops!
Okay- so I failed that one big time.

List of books read for the challenge

Challenge 2
The Shifter Challenge hosted by Parajunkee

To read 20 books with a werewolf or shifter as the main character.

Again- I thought that this challenge would be no problem at all. I really wanted to read the Shifter series by Rachel Vincent and the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs. Plus various others.

Final total:
8/20  FAIL!

Uh oh- I'm sensing a theme here. Complete failure all round. Unfortunately, I'm a mood reader and I still don't let the fact that I've entered a reading challenge deter me from reading whatever I fancy reading that day. So, yeah, only 8 books read this year with a shifter as a main character (unless my counting is wrong- because it feels like I've done a lot more than that!)
List of books read for the challenge

Challenge 3
The Debut Author Challenge hosted by The Story Siren

To read 12 YA books by a debut author.

It's hard to judge at the start of the year what books will leap out at you, but luckily, there have been some fantastic books out this year by new authors, and thanks to reviews by bloggers, have thrust these books onto my radar.

Final total:
17 Completed!

Oh yeah! Smashed it! The goal was 12 and I read 17 books by a debut author. Some really amazing books in there as well, I'll definitely be looking out for more reads by some of these new authors in the new year.
List of books read for the challenge

Challenge 4
The Dystopian Challenge hosted by BA Reading Challenges

To read 15 books set in a dystopic or post-apocalyptic world

There have been many dystopian books out this year- at one time it seemed to be the new favourite theme, and I love this genre when it is well done.

Final total:

I read some really amazing dystopian novels this year, and completed the challenge- go me!

List of books read for this challenge

Challenge 5
The 2011 E-book Challenge hosted by The Ladybug Reads

To read 12 books or more on the kindle.

When I entered this challenge I hadn't had my kindle for very long, and I was still reading mainly library books. However, I figured I'd get round to reading at least one book a month on the kindle.

Final total:
(lost count, but easily)   COMPLETED!

I loved my kindle this year, and read so many books on it that I've lost count. So this challenge- not really so challenging in the end.

Right- so to sum up, I completed 3 reading challenges and miserably failed 2. Not too bad I suppose!

I also set a Goodreads reading challenge to read 120 books in 2011. This is a much higher total than in previous years.

I set my own personal challenge to read 120 books over 2011.

Final total:
136 books! (So far- there are still a few more days of 2011 to go!)

Wow- I can't believe I read so many! I think being a book blogger over this past year has given me an even greater passion for reading- and with my TBR list expanding every day because of reading so many more reviews, I think it has driven me on to get to the next book. This is a much higher total for me than ever before, and I've always thought I read a lot of books.
Books read in 2011

I'm going to be entering some challenges for 2012 as well. Even though I basically ignore them in the end and read whatever I like anyway! I like having a goal and feeling smug if I complete it.


  1. Congratulations on all of the challenges that you completed, that's great! Good luck with next years challenges, I hope that they help you find some awesome books!

  2. Aha congrats on all your completions :) I'm not surprised you didn't manage the first two, 20 books is a lot to read in a year with a specific link. Good luck for any you choose to do next year :D


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