Monday 12 December 2011

Interview with author Chrys Phillips

Today on the blog I'm interviewing Chrys Phillips, author of the Magic Wars series of books.

Book 1 in the series is Revengeful Heart (Goodreads).

Hello Chrys and welcome to Always Lost in Stories.

1. Tell us a bit about your first book in the Magic Wars series, Revengeful Heart.

It's set in a humble place called Lakeview and on the third moons eclipse the rebirth of a beautiful woman immortal, Mortyla arrives to revenge her broken soul! While she evilly destructs, three teens are bestowed powers to assist in saving Lakeview and Earth. Their teen love lives, school days are tangled in with these immortals and the wars that begin! Two bad boy immortal hotties, Zavier and Zac are also at Lakeview High and are very powerful. Zavier is the eldest and is a gladiator of war to defend Zac but, they are both searching for love and a kiss to soothe their dark brooding cores. There are epic wars, enchantments, powers, secrets, lust, love, betrayal and lies. Who wins and what dangerous choices they need to make is a Wicked run! To kiss or not to kiss? WICKED LOVE…

2. What inspired you to write the Magic Wars series?

Well I've been writing for many years for theatre and novels however, I wanted to write something that I would want to go to the bookstore and get addicted to! I love the idea of immortality, forbidden love, romance and action..thats what was on my mind when I began writing the Magic Wars Book Series.

3. Magic Wars is set to be a 5 book series- have you planned out all the books in the series already?

Yes it is set to be a five book series and yes I do!

4. Which of your characters is your favourite and why? Who is the most fun to write?

Each book varies which are my favorite characters as there are interchanging immortals that arrive and mortals. I really love writing immortal bad boy hottie Zavier and one of the female immortals Mortyla.

(taken from author's site)

5. Have you always wanted to be a writer? Do you have any special places or routines to write or can you write anywhere?

I've always loved writing and I write all the time thinking of new ideas even when I'm not on my laptop. If I find myself with an idea when I'm out at the beach, shopping and away from my laptop, I'll type it in my smartphone and write about it later haha!

6. What genres do you normally read? What have you read and enjoyed recently?

I read urban fantasy, non fiction and the classics! I am now reading again Pride and Prejudice.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

Buy the book:

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Also check out the book's website for further author information, more about the rest of the books in the series and to read an extract of Revengeful Heart-

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  1. Great interview, Sally! Thanks for sharing. I'm going to have to check out her books. I'm a new follower, so hi!


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