Monday 17 January 2011

Your input- libraries/ where do you get your books from?

I work in a library and these have been a depressing few months. The local council are making cuts all over the place and library services are being hit hard. They are cutting the mobile library service that visits rural areas, playgroups and nursing homes. We were told that we would have to sign a new contract which gives us a massive pay cut or lose our jobs. Managerial staff has been halved. Staff that are leaving or retiring are not being replaced which puts a lot more workload onto us. The book budget has been slashed again. Our issue figures and joining figures are dropping. Morale where I work is pretty low at the moment. Since I know that there are people who read as voraciously as me, I wanted to ask "where do you get the majority of the books that you read from?"
Please answer my question in the poll on the sidebar at the bottom right hand side of the page. (Where do you get the majority of the books you read from?)
Any comments on the poll or the message that's above it please comment here. Or if you just want to air your views on the current situation in libraries in general please comment here as well.
Just because I find it interesting to hear what people think!
Many thanks,
*update 25/3/11*
This discussion has now ended and the poll is closed. Thankyou to everybody who voted- the result- most people buy books online.

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