Wednesday 26 January 2011

My Bookshelves

I'm always fascinated by other peoples bookshelves. Whenever I am in anybody else's house my eyes are drawn to the titles of the books on the shelves, and whenever authors pose for their photos sitting in front of their book shelves I am mesmerised staring for ages at the titles that they love and that have influenced them.

So I thought I'd show you mine!

 Now, I am green with envy at the personal library of Lori from Escape Between the Pages (see here), and have to say that since I get 80-90% of the books I read from one of two local libraries, my own bookshelves are nothing like this. I also tend to donate a lot of the books that I've bought to the library that I work at after I've read them- since the teen section there is so bad. So this is what I have left...
This is the bookshelf that sits between the living room and the kitchen

Stupidly, for someone who works in a library, these are shelved in a pretty random order really. I try to keep series together, but otherwise it is pretty much in order of how long ago I bought a book, or which covers look prettier next to each other (colour-wise, or size, or just randomly). The books on top are ones that I have lined up to read next. The top picture was actually taken a week ago, when I had these titles to read
This had changed to all these titles today as a couple of others that I've been waiting for just came in the post.
I really need to not work that I can get through some of these that I'm bursting to read! (I've got even more in my locker at work, plus loads on my kindle still to read).

Right, moving on, this is what used to be my dining table, but has now been piled up with so many books and extra junk that I don't actually use it anymore. These are all books from either library sales, second-hand book shops or jumble sales. These are the kinds of books that I think I'd like... if I could ever get around to them. Truth is I doubt I ever will. I keep buying/borrowing new ones.

Upstairs I have another book shelf

On the top is old favourites, books I couldn't give up. This used to be my only bookshelf, until I was scared of its stability under all that weight, so I stopped adding to it. This means it's mostly books that I read 4+ years ago. You can't really tell from the photo but it's double stacked so there are more books behind those.

On the wooden bookshelf underneath is all the classics, plus old uni textbooks

I hope you enjoyed browsing through my bookshelves. I know it's not much but there they are.


  1. Hi Sally. I recognise so many of your books either from my own shelves or my wishlist. I really must do my own bookshelf tour one day only I'd be embarrassed to admit that I have over 100 owned books in my 'to be read' pile 0_0

    Thanks for following me. I love what you've done so far and have followed you so I can keep up with your reading and reviews.

    Welcome to book blogging :) I only started my blog in October so I'm a Newbie too.

  2. Thanks for your comment. My blog is still a baby, but it's great to have someone finally following and start the ball rolling. I would love to see your bookshelf tour, you should do it one day- I can gawk at all those shiny new books on the shelves!


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