Friday 1 June 2012

Married With Zombies scavenger hunt readalong week 1

This is week 1 of the Married With Zombies readalong event, today's questions are hosted by Jen at In The Closet With A Bibliophile.

Chapters 1-5

1. In chapter 2 Sarah has to put her marriage therapist "to rest" with a letter opener. Let's see your weaponized letter opener in mid-action! No letter opener? Think fast! You need to rescue your friend/significant other! What are you going to use when no actual weapons are available? No knives, no guns! Show me what you've got!  

Aaahh! Help! Ok- on my desk I have keys (could be sharp but I don't know if they'll help much), a mini globe (not heavy enough), pens (nope, but could take out an eye), drawing pins, post-its (definitely not), phone (OK, I've probably been eaten by now)... underneath my desk I have this- a pilates gym roller thing. Maybe if I whack the zombie hard enough with it I can keep it at bay...

2.  In chapter 2 Sarah is wrestling with Dr. Kelly and David can't seem to find a weapon to help his dear wife with. Until...Sarah yells at him to use something on Dr. Kelly's body, which he grabs and smashes into her head. I want to see your most killer pair of this item!

Hmm... in the event of a zombie apocalypse I think I'm going to among one of the first to die! I don't really have any heels, I have to do a lot of walking everywhere, so I'm a flat, sensible shoe person. My pumps will not be much use against a zombie though!
These are actually the highest heels I own.

3. In chapter 3, Sarah hears an unexpected noise in the bathroom while she's nervously peeing. She grabs "the closest thing there was to a weapon in the room". I want a picture of the same type of item that is closest to soft edges people. They won't do the brain damage necessary to kill the living dead. 

Closest to me is Pure by Julianna Baggott. It's pretty hefty with hard edges. I might be able to do some damage with it.

4. At the end of chapter 5, Dave gives Sarah a weapon just before they are leaving their apartment to pay a little visit to Jack & Amanda's apartment. Let's see a picture of yours (same type of item).

picture loading...

5.  How do you feel about the book up to this point? Any thoughts you want to share? 

Loving it so far. I read these chapters in a corner of the staffroom during my lunchbreak- just giggling away to myself because it's so funny. There are so many quotable passages and witty one-liners. I like the feeling that anything could happen next, and I love reading Sarah and David's bickering in the midst of attacks by zombies. Their neighbour Amanda is so wonderfully dippy- she's not going to last very long is she!


  1. Those boots look like they can do some damage!

  2. I found myself giggling out loud too. Don't fret on the shoe front. We just need to steal someone else's shoes & keep our sensible footwear on our feet ready to run.

  3. I have determined that those of us in the flat shoe variety will survive because we can jump over things. Ever tried jumping in heels? Nope wouldn't work LOL

  4. love the boots, those look deadly....:D

  5. I think the boots would do some damage!

  6. I love your boots! =D
    This read a long is so fun. Wonder what we are doing next week!!?! Ha!

    Happy "Zombiefied" Reading

  7. Ooo boots, good thinking!

    Glad you're enjoying the book! It's definitely hard to only read a couple chapters a week.

  8. Hi Sally, Well the Pilates thing looks good if you find it in time....Pure that is a good bashing book, such a dark read , too. Those boots look pretty wicked. I agree this book is fun, the bickering is great. I love dippy Amanda I hope she lasts awhile, I like her stupid remarks!

  9. So that is what exercise equipment is for. I was wondering! LOL

    Oh and I think those boots could hurt. They do look tall enough!

  10. Sadly, I don't even have boots! I think your boots would kick zombie butt. My flats wouldn't much except help me run away. And let's be honest, that Pilates gym roller looks tough as hell. You could so bash heads. I see the black sludge flowing. And I was seriously dying laughing at the end of #1 when you said you'd already been eaten. Classic!

  11. Sally! You never know, a zombie might need a post it to remind itself to eat brains. I'm sure you could get a good running head start as he writes his reminder. LOL


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