Thursday 7 June 2012

From the Review Pile #3

From The Review Pile is a weekly meme hosted by Stepping Out Of The Page, where bloggers and reviewers can showcase all those books received for review that we really want to read, but haven't managed to get around to reading yet.

I originally wasn't that interested in this one as I love paranormal/ supernatural stories, and don't tend to read a lot of contemporaries. However, as all the 5 star reviews of this book started coming in, I became so much more intrigued and quickly requested it from Netgalley before it disappeared off the site. That was months ago. I still really want to read it as it sounds so good, but I have no idea at the moment when I will find the time- as I currently have a mountain of other books I want to get through first. I WILL read it though- this year! 
It's a story of love and loss, and a road trip- and now would really be the perfect time to read it, since it has only just been released here in the UK.

US cover
Australian cover
UK Cover
Saving June by Hannah Harrington

‘If she’d waited less than two weeks, she’d be June who died in June. But I guess my sister didn’t consider that.’

Harper Scott’s older sister has always been the perfect one so when June takes her own life a week before her high school graduation, sixteen-year-old Harper is devastated. Everyone’s sorry, but no one can explain why.

When her divorcing parents decide to split her sister’s ashes into his-and-her urns, Harper takes matters into her own hands. She’ll steal the ashes and drive cross-country with her best friend, Laney, to the one place June always dreamed of going, California.

Enter Jake Tolan. He’s a boy with a bad attitude, a classic-rock obsession and nothing in common with Harper’s sister. But Jake had a connection with June, and when he insists on joining them, Harper’s just desperate enough to let him. With his alternately charming and infuriating demeanour and his belief that music can see you through anything, he might be exactly what she needs.

Except June wasn’t the only one hiding something. Jake’s keeping a secret that has the power to turn Harper’s life upside down again.

Has anyone read it already? What did you think? 


  1. This sounds really good even though I'm also more into paranormal. But I think I'll read this one.

    Check out my FRP?

  2. I usually like more paranormal books as well. I have heard about this one before, but I don't think I'll read this one.

  3. I've heard it's a good book, kinda makes me want to give it a try too :)I usually read paranormal as well but there's something about contemporaries that can be refreshing once in a while.

  4. I kept seeing this one around, but I have a hard time with the more serious side of YA. I'm sure I'll read this one eventually. I love all of those covers.

    Here's my Awhile on the Pile post. Happy Thursday! :D

  5. Ooh, I read this last month and I really enjoyed it. It's different, but good! I would recommend it. :)

    Thanks for participating!
    Steph @ Stepping Out of the Page

  6. Oh wow, I have not read the summary of this one...but I have seen the cover. I think it sounds awesome!! I'm always curious about books that touch on suicide. It's a bit fascinating to me.

    *always comment back*

  7. This is my first time hearing of this book, but it sounds really good. I will add it to my TBR list today!

  8. Thanks for stopping by! I've had my eye on Saving June but still haven't gotten a copy of it.

  9. Wow, sounds intense.. secrets and betrayal.. my bet is it's going to be an emotional ride :)

  10. I'm also more into paranormal but this one sounds like I might enjoy it. Hope you do enjoy it! :)

  11. I haven't actually read it yet, but I definitely want to!

  12. It looks good! I have it up on my TBR list just a few days ago. <3 Thanks for visiting!


  13. I've read great things about it here in the U.S. You should read it! I'd love to see your review of it.



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