Sunday 30 January 2011

Review: Angel by L.A Weatherly

Angel (Angel Trilogy, #1)Angel by L.A. Weatherly

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

wow- what a clever and unique idea! Forget vampires, this is a story based upon the idea that angels are evil predators- they stalk you and appear to you and then drain you of life and energy, whilst leaving you with a feeling of blissful peace, the belief that you have seen an angel and are special- but a body drained of life. Victims of angels grow weaker over time, or become mentally incompetent, or start to develop cancer- all the while believing that their angel experience was real and magical and wonderful.

This novel also features a great cast of characters. There's Alex, who had been hunting angels since he was a child along with his father- and Willow, an ordinary girl from a small town who loves tinkering with cars and can see peoples' pasts, futures and dreams just by touching them.

Willow is a great character just because she is who she is and doesn't care if people don't like her for it. She knows her own mind, wears her own clothes, isn't bothered about fitting in with the 'popular' crowd, and just does her own thing. I loved the slow build of the relationship between these two. They start off hating each other- Alex mistrusts Willow because she is part angel, and represents everything that he has dedicated his life to destryoing, and Willow hates Alex's rudeness and attitude. They have to travel together to find one of Alex's old contacts who might be able to help them, and the adventure takes off from there.

The build up to the climax of the big battle is one of the most exciting I've read, and nearly made me cry, and the whole book is well paced and gripping but with the right mix of emotion and romance.

I just loved this. It was so much better than I expected and stood out from all the usual paranormal boy-meets-girl books out there.

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