Thursday 19 July 2012

From The Review Pile #9

This is a weekly meme hosted every Thursday by Stephanie at Stepping Out of the Page where we can showcase books that we have either bought, borrowed, or been given for review that we haven't gotten around to reading yet.

I love Netgalley, but sometimes I get so excited to see a title- request it, and then forget that I have no time to actually read it! I really want to read this book though. It's bound to be good because it's written by the author of the River of Time series (Waterfall, Cascade and Torrent) which I just LOVED. It is about a girl who travels to Europe to take the "Grand Tour" in 1913.  Hopefully, I will get to it... one day!

Glamorous Illusions by Lisa Tawn Bergren

It’s the summer of 1913 and Cora Kensington’s life on the family farm has taken a dark turn. Not only are the crops failing, but someone dear to Cora is failing as well.

In one fateful afternoon, a stranger comes to call, and Cora discovers a terrible secret about her past…a secret that will radically change her future.

Cora is invited to take the “Grand Tour” of Europe, a journey intended to finish a person’s eduction, to solidify an understanding of ancient culture and contemporary refinement. As she travels from England to France, with kin she’s never known, Cora encounters the blessings of a family name, as well as the curses. But when an unbidden love begins to form, she realizes the journey is only beginning…. 

The first book in the Grand Tour series will take readers on a journey of cultural refinement, but moreover, explores what truly informs a person’s sense of identity.

Published 1st June 2012

Has anybody read it yet? What did you think of it?


  1. I haven't heard of this before, it looks really interesting. I hope you enjoy it! :)

  2. I haven't read this before or even heard of it. Not sure if it's my cup of tea but I hope you enjoy it! Here's my Review Pile

  3. Pretty gown. This book seems interesting! And we are just alike, I just keep getting books not even knowing if I can read it or not. Support group for bookaholics is what I need :)

    Here's mine:

  4. I know the feeling about NetGalley. This looks interesting, so I hope you find the time to read it! :)


  5. Having just finished Bright Young Things, this sounds like a great story in the same vein! Hope you get to read it soon! :-)


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