Tuesday 15 February 2011

'Angelfire' by Courtney Allison Moulton

AngelfireAngelfire by Courtney Allison Moulton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ellie is an immortal mythical creature, but she doesn't know it. She is an angelic warrior who has died and been reincarnated over and over again, with no memories of her former lives until she turns 17 years old and they start coming back to her in dreams. Each time she returns she becomes more and more human, and when we see Ellie at the start of the book she is just a normal typical teenage girl who wants to just pass school and hang out with her friends.

I thought it started off quite slow in the beginning, and seemed to be just another book about a teenage girl who meets a bad boy with powers and has a best friend who's in love with her and she's clueless about it, and it's up to her to save the world (same old thing)- but I did like the second half of the book a lot better as Ellie grew in confidence at her powers, and began to trust Will more. I didn't actually like Ellie at all at first, just finding her quite shallow and full of teenage attitude, but she grew on me, as she seemed to mature more as the story went on. She is determined to do the right thing, even if it means risking her life, and I liked that she grows more comfortable in Will's company- answering him back and trying to find out more about his life.

Will is her Guardian and has stood loyal to her for more than 500 years to fight beside her and protect her if he can. It is up to Will to help her remember her past, and to re-train her to fight and use her swords. The angels are at war, and there is a whole mythology and backstory that we learn as Ellie does.

My favourite part of this book was Ellie's flashbacks. We see glimpses into her memories of her past lives with Will, which show the connection that they have to each other, and the true depth of Will's feeling toward her.

I think that the next book in the series will be even better as Ellie comes into her powers more. The backstory behind the setting is already esablished, and we already know about the different monsters that are fighting in this war. I would also really like to see more of Ellie and Will and their relationship.

To sum up- This book is well-written and full of lots of action and fight scenes, and a forbidden passion.

ARC thanks to HarperCollins Publishers and netgalley.com

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