Friday 11 May 2012

A bit about me...

I have decided to post some of my answers from my Formspring account- sort of like an interview, (except it's about myself!)
These are genuine questions that I have been asked by various people at different times- and my answers.

How long have you been blogging for?
I started blogging in January 2011, so almost a year and a half now

On average, how many times a week do you post on your blog?
The aim is to try and post something every day, but usually after work I'm too exhausted to write anything, plus I like to read and comment on other blogs, and catch up on my twitter feed, so in reality I end up posting around 4-5 times a week. Only once or twice I think have I ever managed to post every day for a whole week. I'm usually pretty proud of myself if I manage 6 times in a week.

Best snack and drink to accompany a reading session?
Tea, and Nutella straight out of the jar

Do you ever find yourself copying the characters facial expressions when they're described in a book?
I don't think so...
One thing I definitely do though is start to crave whatever food they're eating in the book. If a character mentions they love hot chocolate and toast for breakfast, I will suddenly need to go and make hot chocolate and toast. If a character starts cooking mushroom pasta for their dinner, I will be reading it and thinking "Cor, I could just eat some mushroom pasta right about now!"

Do you carry a book with you everywhere you go?
Oh yes- "just in case", to much mocking by my non-bookish family. I love to read any chance I get, and you never know if you're going to break down and have to wait ages for the breakdown service, maybe the trains will be delayed, maybe I'll get locked out of the house or [some other random reason] but I would hate to just sit there when it's prime reading opportunity! I always have a book with me.

Have you ever been criticised/ bullied because of any of your reviews or blog posts?
No not really. In general I think the blogging community is so lovely and I get so many positive comments and so much encouragement from other bloggers.
The only thing I have been told is that I sometimes go into a bit too much depth with my reviews and maybe give too much away. And I think that maybe they have a valid point. I try to never post spoilers, but sometimes I find it difficult to state exactly what I did or didn't like about a book without saying about some elements of the plot. I think I'm getting better at this though, and I really try not to explain the whole book or be spoilerish in any way!

Do you have any weird bookish habits?
When I'm reading and I have to put the book down (maybe to go back to work or because my TV show is starting) I HAVE to stop reading around 1 inch down from the left hand page. Every time.
(I'm a freak!)

Do you read graphic novels?
I've never been tempted to try. I think my eye would be too distracted by the artwork to read it like a story, I would be looking all over the page at once.

Would you ever consider writing your life story?
No- It would be pretty boring! I love to read and don't get out much!

Worst book to movie adaptation?
Oooh- there are a few. Eragon, Inkheart, City of Ember.
Worst one is probably the Golden Compass (Philip Pullman). Fantastic book- crap film.

Best book to movie adaptation?
The Lord of the Rings series is amazing. I prefer the movie versions to the books because it keeps the heart and the emotion behind the story, but it cuts out all the waffle.

Do you re-read books?
I do re-read my favourite books, but I very rarely re-read a book straight through from cover to cover. I usually just dive in to the middle and re-read bits of the book.

Do you have to have silence to read or can you read with background noise?
I don't mind listening to music when I read, especially ballads, but I get too distracted if the TV is on in the background or people are having conversations around me. I quite often go to coffee shops to read, and I don't mind the general background hum and clatter of noise around me there.

Do you actually believe that some people read in the shower?
Wouldn't the book get wet?!
I usually have my eyes closed in the shower to avoid getting water and shampoo in my eyes. How do people do this?!

 Would you ever jump with a parachute?
I have done! I trained for 2 days to be able to do a solo jump for charity when I was 18 years old. Scariest thing ever! I wouldn't do it again...

If you're still with me- thanks! I may do more of these posts. If you feel like asking me anything at all about books or blogging, or anything at all no matter how random it is, feel free!
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  1. Holy shrimp, you jumped with a parachute?! Wow, that's brave! I love your "interview", by the way. :)

    Great questions and I definitely agree with you on the tea and snacks issue. Oh and the hot chocolate one!!!

  2. Really interesting questions and answers! That's quirky not freaky about where you have to stop reading. I have to finish the chapter! I'm never without a book. It's just a waste of time if you aren't reading. And I do make the facial expressions. I even get embarrassed when they do! I feel my cheeks turning red. Very stupid.

    Thanks for sharing with us!

  3. That was a really fun post! I think it's pretty funny that they asked the question about copying the characters' expressions because I often find myself doing this and thought I was just weird for it! Great blog, new folower :)


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