Saturday 5 March 2011

Review: A Kiss in Time by Alex Flinn

A Kiss in TimeA Kiss in Time by Alex Flinn

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Imagine the old fairy story Sleeping Beauty in all it's old fashioned glory- a spoiled princess, a witch's curse, the spindle, an enchanted sleep. Now imagine that instead of waking after 100 years from the kiss of a prince (the good old happily-ever-after) this princess sleeps on- to modern day Europe, to be awakened by Jack- arrogant teenage party animal on a "boring" museum tour. This story is the hilarious result of a clashing of two worlds- the mediaeval princess thrust into the confusing modern world of mobile phones, televisions, pool parties and aeroplanes. (And of a cynical slacker teenager forced into accepting a world of faeries, evil witches and magical curses).

When Talia and Jack first meet each other they really don't like each other. They have absolutely nothing in common, and you cannot possibly imagine any scenario that could bring them together- they are just too different. Jack is the furthest possible extreme from the gentleman that she was expecting, and Talia is so much more delicate and moralistic than the girls that Jack is used to. Yet, throughout their adventures together there is something- a protectiveness of each other- that gradually blossoms into affection. The characters are so relatable that you can't help but root for them, and cheer them on right up until the fast-paced ending. Talia views the world she wakes up in with an excited curiosity, and questions everything with an innocent purity. This in turn makes Jack take a step back to appreciate everything that he had previously taken for granted.

The story is told between alternating points of view, switching between Jack and Talia, which I love as their voices and whole attitudes are so different at the beginning. There are also opportunities to see the same events told from two different viewpoints, which at times was very funny. They have to deal with family dramas, new experiences, and a pissed off witch- and begin to realise what it is that each of them really want, without being influenced by the pressure of a sense of duty or obligation. Jack doesn't just rescue princess Talia from the tower, Talia gives Jack the confidence to stand up to his parents and live his own dreams rather than being pressured into what is expected of him.

This is a cute, funny, story that I would definitely recommend to anyone who loves a light, romantic fairytale retold. It effortlessly brings an element of magic into a modern world, and will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy!

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  1. I think I need to buy more of Alex Fliin's books, they all sound so good. Granted, I haven't read any yet, but I haven't seen a negative review about any of them so far.
    Brillian review, I'll be adding A Kiss in Time to my To Buy list (:

  2. *Flinn
    Typing fast isn't always too helpful apparently :S

  3. 'Beastly' by this author is excellent too- read it before the film comes out!


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